Professional App Development from London

We are an app development company from London that designs bespoke business applications with reach functionality and amazing user experience. We are a team of talented and enthusiastic developers, designer, managers, testers and other specialists based in London and other cities around the globe.

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How we Work for Your Success

Our development agency guarantees to our clients a comprehensive development strategy, full transparency and close communication throughout the whole process. We have delivered successful products to small businesses and large internationally-renowned corporations.

The First Stage Of The Development

Every development process starts with defining the purpose of the future application form the perspective of the business and its customers. It may seem obvious, but it requires much expertise and a deep understanding of the market and user behaviour. The developer should identify the most efficient features that are possible to implement and that meet user expectations from the product.

App’s KPIs

The crucial step at this stage is identifying the key performance indicators for the app. After the client has shared with us their ideas on the development strategy and the concept of the app, our design company provides them with our feedback. We suggest the best ways to achieve the goals and point out the issues that need closer attention based on our broad experience from delivering a great amount of successful mobile applications for clients of all sizes.
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Creating Great User Experience Design

The primary objective of the website design is to build an app that is user-friendly, intuitive, simple, functional and visually appealing. It is done through the development of an interactive prototype, which gives a full view of how different UX choices work in real life and provides an understanding of the app’s functionality. When the prototype is finished, we proceed to create a number of design concepts, from which our client chooses the one that they like best. Then our experienced designers begin a complex process of creating amazing mobile designs that perfectly fit into the client’s current business persona and branding. Finally, our app developers make sure that all screens and interactions within the app are designed flawlessly and beautifully.

Development and QA
  • Native mobile application development
  • Cross-platform and hybrid app development
  • Back end and content management system development
  • Application programming interface and middleware creation
  • Quality assurance management


London App Development

We use the principles of Agile as the foundation of our development process, which means that our bespoke software team works in iterations, delivering a functional product after each small work cycle. We develop for all existing platforms including iOS, Android, Windows and strongly recommend to go for a native application, because only a native app can ensure a seamless user experience for every specific platform.
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Our clients


We can boast a team of enthusiastic and creative developers and designers based in London and with offices in other cities around the world. Over the years our app design company have developed lean strategies and procedures that enable us to deliver high-quality products within the shortest possible time. Our applications run all operating systems and provide opportunities for further upgrades and optimisation, ensuring that you will always stay on top of the latest trends and stand out among your competitors.

It is crucial to test how the application works on different devices and in different environments because the number of new devices with various display sizes and operating systems grows fast. For this purpose, our London developers are equipped with all the most popular models of Android smartphones and tablets with the different version of the OS and a wide range of iPhones and iPads of all generations.

We never place the app on App Store or Google Play until it has not been thoroughly tested, polished to perfection and optimises for app store visibility. Even after the app has been uploaded to the app store, our job is not finished - our software development agency provides a continuous post-launch support of our products, ensuring that the users get a flawless experience.

  • Proactive monitoring
  • Scalable infrastructure
  • Support available 24h
  • Testing and bug fixing
  • App evaluation
  • Guaranteed response time
Continuous Monitoring

We never withdraw after we have delivered a working app - all our products are continuously maintained and supported by our team, either during a limited period or the whole life-cycle of the application according to the demands of the client. Online business is a fast-changing environment, and your application should evolve and improve over time to be able to meet user expectations and business goals.

Analytical Reports

User behaviour analytics is one of the major aspects that enables to monitor which features the users love most and which of them are redundant or inconvenient. Our specially trained experts monitor user interactions and provide analytical reports, evaluating the usage of the application. We can either utilise Google Analytics services or implement any other analytical tool of your choice.

SEO is an important aspect of any business website because this is what makes you visible to your potential customers. If you want your website to be in the top search results, consider following these practices:

  • Fast loading speed. Even a one-second hiatus may cost you a potential customer - you cannot allow it to happen. It is essential to enable their clients to get to the page they are trying to access as fast as possible. Statistics shows that the most popular websites load in less than one second. Our design firm will help you optimise your content and plugins so that your website loads faster than a speeding bullet.
  • Mobile friendliness. Google search engine gives preference to websites optimised for mobile, ranking them high in search results. The number of users who browse the Internet using their mobile devices has already exceeded the number of desktop users. Search engines wish to guarantee those users that the websites they access will be easily viewable on their small screen devices.
  • Authentic content. Plagiary and duplicating content is a stop-sign for search engines. That is one of the SEO mistakes, which prevent your site from ranking in the TOP SE results. Moreover, you may not even know that your content is not authentic, as many copywriters skip the step of checking their text for uniqueness. We can add to your site administration panel special feature for automation of plagiarism check, ensure that your content is unique.
  • Friendly URLs. As you know without a doubt, simplicity is the main principle of user-friendliness. The name of the page should be easy to understand. Compare: and
  • Low bounce rate. Pages that keep users engaged for longer periods of time rank higher in search results, so it is important to adjust the attention of the visitors by providing relevant and catchy content to retain customers.
  • Canonicalization and canonical tags. Canonical tags allow you to use the same content on a number of different pages. Google does not object. Canonicalization enables pages or pieces of content to be placed on different URLs without being flagged as plagiarism and non-authentic content. A rel=”canonical” tag in your HTML header helps search engines identify different pages with the same content, while only crediting it to one URL. Our experts will ensure that all your tags are in the right place and your position in search results is as high as ever.
  • Mirror websites. Duplicating websites enable you to decrease traffic load on your main website or increase Google ranks, providing backlinks to the original site.
  • Adequate redirects. You should not confuse 301 and 302 redirects because they can heavily damage your search engine positions. Always remember, that 302s are used for temporary redirects, while 301s for permanent URL redirection.
  • Correct bot directives. Robots.txt file enables you to control which pages the Google bot scans. If your website lacks the file, Google bot will scan it as it likes.

Mobile Apps for Business

Our mobile developers create applications that provide amazing customer experiences and enhance workflow productivity within your enterprise.
  • End-user applications and services. Applications that establish a strong online presence for your business and provide users with an opportunity to buy your products or services online and utilise innovative technologies on any device. We pay big attention to design user-friendly and intuitive interfaces and incorporate functionality that adds value to your business.
  • Internal process optimisation software. Applications that enhance your productivity, automate conventional processes, optimise workflow, increase staff efficiency and integrate your existing programs. The key to internal process optimisation is the utilisation of advanced technologies and introducing mobility into your workflow.

Agile Approach

The Agile approach to software development allows us to keep a constant pace and ensure the flexibility of the process with an opportunity to change requirements and introduce changes to the product even in the final stages. Another major advantage of the Agile method is the delivery of working software within short periods of time, which guarantees that the app gets to the market fast and minimises risks. Our developers based in London work in teams that closely cooperate throughout the entire development process, which enables them to learn new things from each other, share their knowledge and avoid common errors.

Why Choose our App Development Company?

  • Professional developers with solid experience. Our mobile design agency thoroughly selects each member of our team to meet our high standards - all of them are certified specialists that have mastered their craft to perfection.
  • Transparency of the process. We believe that everything our software company does should be absolutely transparent to our clients. Our app development company keeps the client informed throughout the process and establish a close communication to give you a full understanding of each step we take.
  • Smart design. Our designers are proficient in all innovative tools, technologies and approaches. In a way, we are creative and talented artists, because technical understanding and personal creativity lay the foundation of a good design.
  • Enterprise software maintenance. Our IT firm provides quality assurance services, secure and available hosting, continuous support and proactive monitoring.