Android Development: Create a Perfect app for Business

The Android development is one of the most common solutions in mobile industry with a variety of Android-based devices, providing business to many customers. Creating digital extensions in the business without covering Android-based devices is like looking at the world with one-eyed glasses.

Development Process

You can offer top-level Android applications with an intelligent strategy designed from the first idea to the launch of the app and after years of experience. The app developed by our team of experts combines the user experience of the highest quality, a high level of security and a perfect function. Traditionally, the process of developing Android applications consists of several stages, but we will explain them in detail.

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Market Research and Product Survey

The initial stage of the process of developing individual applications is the discussion about the idea of ​​future products with customers and the identification of the purpose and function of the Android app. At this stage, developers will discover existing applications and develop competitive solutions for customers. As a result, we will create an app framework according to the Android programming tutorial before proceeding to actual development.

The scenario consists of the following steps.

  • Business survey
  • Analysis of competitors
  • Analysis of data flow
  • Plan
  • Create clickable mock-up
  • Development of the monetization strategy
  • ROI evaluation
  • Functional Specification
App Design

We believe that a good design should be easy to use and intuitive. For that reason, we will focus on the UX / UI design, we create a multifunctional and highly logical software with good looks.

  • What we are doing in this stage is the following
  • Design concept
  • App model
  • Testing the graphical user interface
  • Design approval
Quality Assurance Management

We guarantee control at every stage of Android app development. We fully verify the results of the tests, create a complete document and ensure compatibility of the app platform, navigation and user experience.

A specially trained QA specialist is responsible for the following activities to ensure the highest quality of the final product.

  • Quality control test plan
  • Code revision
  • Error report integration
  • Function test
  • App integration test
  • Software performance test
  • Evaluation of the user experience
Software Development

If you leave Android programming and test your app with Google Developer Account / Test Flight, it will be optimized for Google Play Market, sent for launch, followed by continuous post-boot support and periodic updates. It will be done.

We prepare the product for its launch through the following activities:

  • Analysis
  • Configuring the production server
  • Install SSL certificate
  • Send request to the store
  • Software performance and server monitoring
  • Continuous support and optimization
Support After the Start

Our custom software development company will not retire after the app is published. We will support our products in the long term, maximize the benefits of our customers, update the applications according to the latest trends and guarantee a high quality user experience.

What exactly do we do to keep the program updated?

  • Analytical research
  • Error correction
  • Release update
  • Optimization based on user review and changes in business needs
  • Acquisition and retention of users



We are using the Agile methodology principle. The team will provide first class products in the shortest possible time, avoid the lack of deadlines, avoid problems and minimize errors.

What is the basic principle of Agile?

  • Rapid provision of high-quality solutions
  • Even in the final stage of development, early response to change
  • Providing complete operational products in a few weeks instead of months
  • Close communication between the client and the developer
  • The software is made for ambitious businessmen who we trust fully
  • Face-to-face communication is preferable to other communication methods
  • The main measure of progress is
  • Development of sustainable apps
  • Focus on functional integrity and user-friendly design
  • Simple and easy to use software
  • Self-organized development team
  • Support and long-term optimization, and change of requirements

Broad Experience

We recognize that good applications are aesthetically appealing, attractive, easy to use and powerful, and ultimately beneficial to the business. It is a difficult task to optimize several screen size applications of various models, such as Samsung, LG, Sony Ericsson, HTC, etc. Our Android development experts have all the skills and tools to offer you such a solution.Our company offers the following customized solutions for Android-based smartphones and tablets.

  • Bespoke for Android development
  • UX / UI design of Android
  • Development of hybrid mobile programs
  • Transportation from Android to iOS / iOS to Android
  • Android test
  • Audit the Android code
  • Support and maintenance after the start
  • Integration with existing software solutions
  • Google Play market optimization

Android Development Service

The Android mobile operating system offers many opportunities for software customization. This allows designers to create different types of programs for multiple commercial purposes. You have never heard of native, web or hybrid apps? Here is the differences between the three.

  • The native app is software installed on a smartphone or tablet. Download it from the store (or on an Android device, if the device runs iOS or the Google Play market, Apple Store). These applications are developed exclusively for the selected platform using smart phone cameras, contact lists, photo albums, GPS, etc. and can fully use the function of the device. Developers can also incorporate additional functionality such as gestures (you can use standard iOS gestures or create new ones). In addition, native software can use the device notification system and can also work without an Internet connection.
  • A web-based application is generally a website optimized for mobile devices, not a real mobile app, it looks exactly like a native one. Traditionally, it works with HTML and HTML5 and can be accessed through the Internet browser. The user follows the standard link as any user who accesses the web age and enters the program without installing it on the device. The only option to quickly access these applications is to add markers to the menu on the home page.
  • The hybrid solution incorporates native applications and specific functions of the web app at the same time. That is exactly why many people tend to confuse them with web apps. As with native, they can be downloaded to the store and you can use the functions of a specific device. On the other hand, they are written mainly in HTML5, and users are integrated into the browser, so it is not necessary to start the browser.

Our clients


Our developers use the skills and tools of Google to efficiently design the main native software. Native Android app, Android Software Development Conventional Kit is built with the help of (Google Android SDK), you have to use all the characteristics of the messages and photos to the GPS and the accelerometer. By creating the native app of Google Play with our team, your product can take full advantage of the operating system functions.

The main advantage of native applications is that the user experience is amazing, can reach the user interface and can be optimized to work efficiently on any device. Our development team provides the following services in the field of developing native Android apps.

As we already know, hybrid applications are created from web technologies (usually HTML 5, CSS and JavaScript). After writing the base code in one of the advanced web programming languages, the developers integrated the code into a native program for Android. The result is a cross-platform solution that is compatible with most devices and requires minimal time and effort. One of the biggest advantages of hybrid applications is that their functionality is improved even more than the functionality of normal web applications and can be run on a variety of devices and operating systems.

The Android operating system offers customization opportunities enjoyed by the usual users and businesses. For example, you can customize ready-to-use smartphones and tablets and distribute them as brands between employees and customers, improve productivity and promote growth. For example, an educational institution can provide students with a personalized device to track attendance, maintain records and distribute learning materials. If you want to stand out in the competition, we can offer you services.

Why Choose a Professional Android Developer?

Our company has an experienced team of talented Android developers who have mastered the creation of mobile programs. We are small and medium-sized local businesses and large international companies to understand in-depth business needs, ideas, requirements and information on all the steps we take in the development process. Communicate closely with each client. We have a wide portfolio of successful projects, many of which have won international evaluations and several awards.

A Team of Experienced Developers

We will offer you the perfect Android product that fascinates the wonderful design, the advanced features, the user experience and brings many benefits to your business. We have a long history in the development not only of software for Android but also of other mobile platforms such as iOS and Windows. Our senior experts implement the latest achievements in mobile design and are familiar with the classical approach to development.

The Functions that the Quality Program Should Have

We guarantee that our software has the following characteristics and features:

  • GPS tracking and improved battery life
  • Social tools (messaging, chat, video, telephone)
  • Communication without problems with email / Skype / social network / phone
  • Interaction with hardware devices
  • Protection of the source code
  • Advanced data security
  • Efficient approach to development

Are you looking for a professional developer for hire? We develop, design and support high quality Android applications that add value to your business. Share your ideas with experts and we'll help you guide your business to the next level with first-class IT solutions.