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We are an app development agency in the UK that offers companies the best software solutions for mobile phones based on iOS and Android platforms.

Our iPhone app developers specialise in providing sophisticated design and robust code, creating an attractive user experience and improving tools for customers. We have implemented our skills in the development of a large number of applications for multiple industries and we are ready to generate new solutions for your business on reasonable prices and agreed deadlines.

What we do

Our developers and designers can turn ideas into wonderful mobile applications for iPhone. Our mobile development service includes everything required to create an app from your idea:

  • Business analysis and creation of mobile strategy.
  • Development, QA, launch.
  • Maintenance and consulting.

Our team of professional developers provides services to national and foreign companies focused on digital solutions driven by businesses. Our developers are using all the new features offered by Apple. All iOS updates can implement new features on smart devices and use the latest technology to solve the most difficult problems.

What Kind of App do you Need?

Modern smartphones, especially the iPhone, are intelligent and multifunctional mobile computers that can perform a series of tasks. app development can further expand the ability to customize the features of the iPhone to meet your needs and requirements. When approaching the developers, it is necessary to think easily about the type of necessary software, the necessary functions and the problems that must be solved. These simple questions can be a serious problem for those who are familiar with IT as a user, so help us identify the app you need.

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A useful software tool to help you perform tasks and solve problems quickly. A greater effort is required, such as a simple personalized calculator, calendar, notepad, financial software, translator, text editing tool, data analysis, task configuration, project management, etc. solving more difficult problems here.

News and Entertainment

News applications were not luxurious, but they were needed among publishers who wanted to save the business of the digital age. Electronic journals and newspapers use such software to provide users with content through iPhones and other smartphones. In general, it means the integration of social networks with the ability to 'like' and 'share' the content.

The entertainment app focuses on pleasant users while performing some actions, such as educational software to learn while playing, unique photo editor and music streaming software.


Some programs will help simplify daily activity processes, solve everyday problems and easily find information on interesting topics. For example, you can travel through an exercise app that allows you to learn healthy lifestyles, unknown places, programs that help you navigate the restaurant's web directory, reserve tables in your favorite places,

Social Networks

Social networking programs provide better communication and interaction conditions for users. Social networking components are common in most applications.

These five groups are summarized versions of the Apple classification with more than 20 categories. We group them to identify the main features you would like to have and help you identify what you need for your iPhone program.

How to Find a good iPhone App Developer?

Finding the perfect iPhone app developer and designer is not easy. You can not trust your business idea to the DIY platform. There are few applications that threaten the reputation of your brand. The internal development team of an iPhone software project is a waste of time and money.

The options that you must take into account are:

  • Independent developer.


How to Choose the Main Category

In most cases, the iPhone software combines several categories and their functions, but you can only assign two categories in the App Store. There are primary and secondary categories, and customers need to learn how customers find their own products and express them in the most effective way.

If your iPhone project involves powerful and exciting features, it will be difficult to determine what is best described. Our developers and analysts will support and consult you on all IT topics, including this one.

First, our team will help you determine the main objective of the product. This makes it easier to explain the main functions, which makes it easier to find the correct category.

Second, before performing the coding, conduct a thorough investigation of the industry and the target audience and create an image of the user of the iPhone app. This survey will help you better understand your customers and understand how to find applications.

Our IT experience and surveys of key competitors will help you find the right category for your app. For this reason, make sure that it accurately reflects the category that defines the app.

Apple Developer Program

We are a member of the Apple Developer Program and we offer a series of privileges to iOS developers, including beta testing, sending to the App Store, analyzing applications and creating a native feel and look using all the functions of iOS possible. . With these possibilities and experience, you can create a user experience that is as advanced, functional and attractive as possible.

Thanks to our skills and the Apple developer program, our team can make millions of customers around the world easily discover their iPhone app. Experienced developers will take advantage of access to cutting-edge technologies offered by Apple to integrate not only the user experience, but also features such as Apple Pay, Push Notification, iCloud, etc. both for customers and for employees.

In cooperation with us, we can only expect high quality final products that surpass all possible tests before launch. The Apple TestFlight beta test allows you to share an MVP with an external tester so you can test the design of the user experience and see if it is attractive and fun for customers.

After the launch, you can provide maintenance services and implement new functions according to the needs of your business. You can also measure user commitment, marketing campaigns, monetization and analyze the iPhone app in accordance with this data update to improve the program.

Our clients


Outsourcing to Development Company

Hiring temporary workers for temporary work is the best solution. Its benefits include reducing work space, equipment and annual salary to make a profit.

In addition, you will find experienced employees who have already demonstrated their experience and skills in previous iPhone projects. By comparing individual efforts and the skills of a group of teams, experts can clearly see the benefits of cooperation with established companies that are more reliable than falling independent workers. Whether you share your project idea with an independent iOS designer or hire a specialized team of iPhone software developers, it's better to play safely during development, so finding the right business partner will take a number of considerable time. It will take. Commercial app Here are some tips on points to keep in mind when searching for software developers.


Software developers, not just programmers who write code, make sure they are business partners who apply their knowledge to their iPhone project and provide creative information. The best developers are not only interested in coding, but should also be interested in business. Only in this case your collaboration will be an effective app for iPhone.

The UI / UX design of the software is as important as the function, so you can verify the skills of the iOS designer who looks at the portfolio. An aesthetically pleasing app with an intuitive user interface guarantees smooth user interaction with the app. It is a good sign if you can see the design that appeals to you in the project.

The development of applications requires not only coding, but also functional design, excellent user experience, exhaustive testing. What is advantageous for independent developers? Look for a company that has a fully integrated team of business analysts, programmers, designers, UX experts, QA testers. Otherwise, there may be unfinished projects or applications designed inappropriately.

When choosing a development partner, the low price should be a red flag for you. The development of applications is not cheap, it is a fact. The average cost of developing commercial applications of Clutch is approximately 140,000 pounds and the cost of MVP (lowest executable product) reaches between £ 20,000 and £ 40,000. The lowest cost can be the most expensive, since it must be periodically debugged or it must be done again with another developer team.

The development of software products can only be successful if communication between customers and service providers is successful. Even finished iPhone applications are not the end of interaction with developers. Your software will evolve along with your business and you may need some changes depending on the comments of the users. Therefore, find developers with whom you can easily deal with, and developers who do not quit after providing the final result.

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We will help you make your business mobile. In the last eight years, our developers have built hundreds of iPhone applications with millions of downloads to the App Store. Get in touch with us, increase productivity and brand awareness, and acquire more customers with a smarter iPhone software solution.