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We are a web development company based in the UK with headquarters in London and offices in several cities around the world. We offer a wide range of services including website creation, application development, specialized software development for desktop and mobile devices, responsive web design. We build easy-to-use websites and help develop a comprehensive and successful marketing and search engine optimization strategy.

Development of Sites, App Design, SEO

What is the key measure of the developer's success? Successful projects and cognitions are an important part of the reputation of the IT agency. When you contact Google, you can see that the experienced development team is ranked in the search results for UK web designers, UK application developers, other UK specialists and IT around the world. How did you achieve this? We believe that your web resource represents your business person, builds your reputation and has a great impact on how customers perceive it. At the beginning of each project, we will create a comprehensive strategy that thoroughly investigates your business, achieve objectives and add value to your business.

Association Model

We treat each client as a business partner, we establish a long-term relationship, we realize the continuous expansion and growth of the companies that cooperate. We have experienced the creation of high quality online solutions for internationally recognized companies and small businesses in the UK, which contribute to the prosperity of many customers. The web designer is a dedicated and creative expert and is always pleased to help with advice and offers high quality digital solutions.

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What Type of Site is Required for your Company?

Web resources optimized for mobile devices are essential for businesses that want to reach as many customers as possible. If you can access the site from a mobile device, it means that the 3 billion smartphone owners around the world will see it. So, what kind of approach is appropriate for web design for your business? Let's explore the benefits of web solutions optimized for mobile devices.

Benefits of Friendly Web Design for Mobile Devices

We will cover the constantly growing users of smartphone users. The number of owners of mobile devices is huge, which is the main reason to optimize sites for mobile devices.

Advantages of SEO It is common for Google to prioritize search results for mobile-friendly design instead of a web page that do not have a mobile version.

It stands out in the competition. Progress beyond competitors by attracting existing users of the mobile Internet and future users.

Compatible Adaptation

You have heard about technology as a receptive design without any doubt. However, this is not the only option available for users of mobile devices. The adaptive design is another opportunity to provide great value to the site. Therefore, we compare the existing web design solutions in the United Kingdom and help us navigate the world of complex digital technology.

Customizable Web Design

Ethan Marcotte created a responsive design in 2010 as a coding approach that allows him to "react and change the site fluently according to the size of the screen or device". Screen size. For example, in smartphones, the images are smaller, the content boxes are stacked on top of each other in a row, the navigation of the site is done with a menu button to facilitate the reading of the text and the capacity of the web page to be displayed on a small vertical screen What it is In other words, a highly responsive website is a resource with a single source code written in HTML, it fits any screen size and can be used comfortably with any device.

Adaptive Web Design

Adaptive websites traditionally have numerous predefined layouts that use CSS and JavaScript of various screen sizes and are used to provide a unique user experience for each device. This means that the website developer creates different versions of the same site with a different source code and that the user is sent to the version that best suits the size of the screen. When the user tries to access the resource, a special program on the server side identifies the device and redirects the user to the appropriate version.


Excellent User Experience

For example, there is an interactive photo album developed for the desktop version. Navigation of interactive slideshows from small mobile phones is inconvenient. In this case, the server will recognize that the user has accessed by phone, will provide a more convenient version with low interactivity, low image quality and fast reading speed guarantee. Users can not see technically advanced slide shows, but everything looks good and works quickly, so it offers a comfortable experience.

What is the Difference Between Adaptive Design and Responsive Design?

The Adaptive Design is optimized for each accessible device. There are two websites of different high quality versions for desktop computers and mobile devices. However, developing several designs for all URLs requires much more time and money.

Responsive design have similar advantages, but loading can take time. Because it has a single code base, it does not require as many resources as an adaptive website, but it can be difficult to implement interactive content.

The speed of the load is an excellent advantage of a highly adaptable design than a highly responsive design. Because the code rendering engine can interpret it more easily, everything loads faster. Complex elements are replaced by simpler elements, images are reduced and the ability to guarantee a high level of comfort for users of mobile devices is limited. However, depending on a single code that can be adjusted on any device, responsible design is better for SEO to avoid duplication of content.

Responsiveness or Adaptability: What to Choose?

Adaptive design is technically difficult to implement. However, the creation of two separate versions: the development of the two versions for mobile devices and desktop requires much more time and effort. As a result, we have to spend more on design and development services. In the case of large online retailers or large media companies with large financial functions, adaptive design is the best option to provide customers with a superior user experience. Receptive web design, on the other hand, has a limited budget and is ideal for companies that want to develop web platforms rich in content that have the same intention, even when accessed from desktop computers or mobile phones. Carefully evaluate all strengths and weaknesses based on your business objectives.

Consult with an expert

Keep in mind that the options you choose will have a long-term impact on the future of the company. Please, think about the needs of your company. The choice of web design optimized for mobile devices can have a wide range of influences. Therefore, if you have any doubts, it is advisable to contact experts in the development of the website and obtain professional advice on the design of the website.

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We are proud of an advanced and interesting website development team from the UK website company that has worked on projects of all kinds for many years in the industry. It is ranked between the United Kingdom and leading international development agencies. We have worked with different organizations from different countries and industries. Choosing our company, you get business partners who listen carefully to your wishes and design perfect Web solutions.

We offer first-class software and an incredible website for many satisfied customers. Today, all other amateur developers claim to be the best web designer, how can you prove it? Our synergy has a solid foundation and our achievements are virtually guaranteed. Our portfolio has a large number of impressive IT solutions with numerous functions visually. Our programmers, designers and managers have experience in all areas of application development and websites. We will look for new technologies and approaches and we will not stop learning.

  • Development of professional websites
  • Custom content management system
  • Integrated image editor that can easily change the image
  • Motion and flash design
  • Consultancy on search engine optimization
  • Access to a large-scale database of graphic design and stock image
  • Consulting on marketing strategies and growth
  • Compatibility between your website and the web application browser
  • Advice to optimize and extend the online business
  • Integration of the electronic commerce system
  • Logo design, business identity and brand

If you would like to talk about online business opportunities or if you are ready to create a virtual dimension of your business, a UK website design company will be waiting for you. Our web development team knows the inside and outside of the industry, advises you on solutions that increase productivity and value for your business.